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In Wiesbaden, Germany, you will find Be Organic Institut. The company was founded over a decade ago with the aim of offering natural treatments. In the clinic, you will be lovingly cared for by specialists, each with their own area of expertise.

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Origins of
Be Organic Institut

Be Organic Institut was founded in 2012 by Bahar Krahn. Bahar is a hairdresser and beautician. She also specialises in colouring hair with herbs. After using products from other brands, Bahar decided to start her own brand: NOELIE. NOELIE makes natural and proven effective products for hair and skin.

Be Organic Institut has now been around for more than a decade. In those ten years, the company has grown into Europe's top three spas in the Green Concepts category. Be Organic Institut presents itself as a place for beauty and tranquillity. With a team of beauticians, hairdressers and therapists, you have come to the right place at Be Organic Institut.

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Avivo W4 Pro Incl. heating

Be Organic Institut has chosen the Avivo W4 pro. This wellness couch is known for its width and stability. Furthermore, it has a retractable headrest and height-adjustable armrests. The institute has the wellness couch with white upholstery and a black base. This fits well with the timeless decor of the Be Organic Institut.

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Be Organic Institut offers various organic treatments in the areas of hair and skin. All these treatments are performed with ecologically responsible products. Be Organic Institut offers natural hairdressing treatments. Vegetable hair colouring, is used, for example. This keeps hair healthy after colouring.

Be Organic Institut also offers natural facial treatments. The treatments are performed with NOELIE products. Be Organic Institut and NOELIE were both founded by Bahar Krahn. This allows the company to offer organic treatments with products they know the origins of.

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