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Premium Tower vapozone + Mag. Lamp

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PREMIUMTOWER is a new concept of herbal steaming device, projected for high level professional operators� needs. This unique steamer incorporates herbal, ozone and aromatherapy treatments with optimum efficiency in the steaming process. Although the water reservoir is large (2 lt.), new technology enables just the exact amount of water required to be heated on sufficient for all steaming cycles required per day. The extra-long, ergonomically rounded steam arm provides safety for the client and freedom of movement when working. The arm of the steamer is extremely long (80 cm) to let treatment the most comfortable possible to both clients and operators. The rotation of the arm is of 160�, while the rotation of the nozzle is of 360� to forward steam on clients. Vapodec heats the water and transforms it into steam, in a very short time. It is possible to regulate the steam intensity as well as the steam emitting capacity for treatments of one hour long. Automatic timer. Safe control system to prevent any over-heating element. Practical container to charge the device with the water.

Water capacity: 2.0 litre water.

1000 WATT

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