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Combymix 6-1 Premium

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our equipment, we have made a selection from the most common base elements in
every salon. Our collaboration with the best Italian manufacturers enables us
at Bellezi to offer a fine collection of wellness equipment that optimally
satisfies all European quality requirements.

  • Everything in-house
  • Quick delivery worldwide
  • Partnerships guarantee quality
  • Personalised advice
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The PREMIUM Bellezi Tower 6-1, in one combination only and supported by the trolley Premium, includes 4 facial treatments contained into the Bellezi 4-1 device (High Frequency, Vacuum System, Galvanic and Brush System), the vapour system PREMIUM and magnifier lamp PREMIUM. The result is a small sized and a multifunction machine equipped with numerous and easily interchangeable accessories.

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Modern lifestyles and design trends constantly compete with functionality, comfort and ease of use.Bellezi links ergonomics to design by employing creativity, innovation and the latest technology.