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Our story

Our story

Personal approach | Customisation | Quick Delivery

Every client is different and deserves personalised advice, products that suit his or her business perfectly. Yet a personal approach is by no means standard and Bellezi has thankfully taken advantage of that. The process, from introduction to acquisition, should be an experience in which the client is central and the most suitable product identified for them. That was how Bellezi started.

Two enthusiasts | The Netherlands | Teamwork | Future

Bellezi was founded in 2009 by brothers Bob & Joost Schwering. The key principles are minimalist design, Quality and Excellent service at an affordable price. By creating a close-knit team of designers, specialists and commercial experts, Bellezi has earned a place in the most exclusive segment of treatment chairs and wellness & massage beds at international level. No change, no progress, which is why Bellezi focuses primarily on existing clients and always aims to keep doing better.

Continual improvement | Collaboration | Innovation

Bellezi has been deeply involved in innovations for years with great success. Bellezi has now developed into an internationally operating organisation, with several large cosmetics brands, wellness centres and hotel chains as regular clients. With export to over 35 countries thanks to various partners and collaborations worldwide, Bellezi is making a name nationally and abroad. Bellezi strives for continual improvement and innovation, so that we ultimately become every client’s first choice.