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Most common problems:

1. The chair is not adjustable and beeps when pressing the buttons on the hand control.

You can reset the chair by pressing the arrows ( on row two) simultaneously until intermittent beeping of stops. It is important to press them exactly at the same time. After resetting, you have to set all functions to 0 by holding down the down arrow until the function is at 0. If the chair enters this safety position more often, please contact us.

2. The chair is not adjustable and makes no noise.
  • Check whether the plug of the hand control is properly plugged in. See photo.
  • Check whether the plug is properly in the socket.
  • Check whether the chair's power cable is properly in the socket under the chair. See photo.
3. The heating display is not working.
  • Check if the power cable is in the adapter and whether the blue light on the adapter is on. The blue light should always be on when the power cable is properly attached.
  • Do you have a wellness bed? Then check under the base of the bed that the plugs are still attached properly.

Is your problem not listed above?