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Blog of 18 January

As an eyebrow specialist, you need a variety of equipment to perform your services. Especially as a starter, but also as an advanced eyebrow specialist, it can be difficult to make the right choices for this. At Bellezi, we are happy to help you with advice so you can find the most suitable brow chair.

Find out below what to look out for when buying a brow chair and our advice regarding the different treatments you perform as a specialist.

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Brow chair for treatments

With 3 or 4 motors

Whatever eyebrow treatment you perform on your new brow bed or chair; we always recommend using a cover. Especially as a PMU eyebrow specialist, it is important to protect the cover as the ink is highly pigmented. In addition, we recommend choosing a dark-coloured leather such as Carbon Black or Taupe when doing this. Bellezi works with Silverguard Artificial Leather. Available from stock in four colours. When looking for a brow chair, it is important to consider several aspects:

  • The comfort (the mattress should be sufficiently soft and a heating system is recommended);
  • The adjustability (electrically adjustable is desirable and choose a treatment chair with at least 3, preferably 4, motors);
  • The height (if you treat standing, choose a brow chair that can be adjusted high enough so that it is ergonomically sound).

<strong>Brow chair for treatments</strong>

Brow treatments

Standing or sitting position

Many of our clients, especially for longer PMU treatments, like to treat from a working chair or tabouret. It is then important that your knees do not bother the undercarriage and that you can get close to the client's face. Although an adjustable backrest and legrest increase customer comfort; a tilt function (the 4th motor) will give the ultimate experience.

In the correct Zero-Gravity position, a suitable brow chair will relieve pressure on the lower back and the client will experience a floating sensation during the brow treatment.
<strong>Brow treatments</strong>

Advice for the correct brow chair

Velvet Evo W4 Pro Incl. heating

The adjustable armrests make it easy to move your knees further towards the headrest. These supports can also remain in their original place, giving you more space for your supplies around the face. The Velvet Evo W4 Pro has four motors, a supersoft mattress and is available from stock with heating. Stable and reliable.

Velvet Evo W4 Incl. heating

The eyebrow chair Velvet Evo W4 has the same functionalities as the Pro. Only this model has a top without armrests. The preference is personal. It allows you to work close to the face.

Fasano W3 Incl. heating

The Fasano W3 is also often chosen for eyebrow specialists. The difference with the 4-motor models is that it has no tilt function. The Fasano is often chosen for aesthetic reasons ánd this brow chair is financially more affordable than the Velvet Evo series.

Silk Evo S4 Incl. heating

Another treatment chair for eyebrows that we recommend is the Silk Evo S4. This 4-motor treatment chair has a low entry and the same mattress as the above models. Only the chair is more compact and has a narrower head section.

<strong>Advice for the correct brow chair</strong>

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