Come together Seminar
by Klapp Skin Care Science

Blog of 22 June

Hotel an der Havel in Oranienburg was the prestigious venue for the "Come together Seminar" held on 13 and 14 June, hosted by Klapp Skin Care Science. This two-day event welcomed both loyal and prospective customers from the surrounding region.

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The afternoon sessions featured skilled trainers who provided live demonstrations of Klapp' treatments, showcasing the results achievable through their techniques.

Similar to the contributions at exhibitions, Bellezi contributed support here by providing the facility of a wellness bed and facial bed in this regard. These featured medically certified upholstery, including a Cloud 9 super soft Mattress™ and 4 LINAK® motors, making them suitable for exclusive skin care treatments.

The "Come together Seminar" delivered an immersive experience comprising educational sessions, practical training, and valuable networking opportunities. Attendees had the privilege of connecting with fellow professionals in the industry, exchanging insights, and exploring innovative ideas.

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