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Fasano W3 Pro


Fasano W3 Pro

Elegant & Functional

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Extremely stylish and multifunctional massage bed with 3 motors, available from stock! Standard equipped with NASA memory foam mattress, medically certified upholstery and memory function.

This chair is, due to the spatially designed chassis, extremely suitable for both beauty and body treatments.

The three motors can be adjusted so that it is very comfortable for both facial and body treatments.

The back part can be placed almost completely straight.

The armrests can be placed downwards and the headrest can be extended.


Technical specifications

  • Length 200 - 215 cm
  • Width 77 cm
  • Height 60 - 105 cm
  • Weight 130 kg
  • Max. permissible load 250 kg
  • Upholstery, 500+ colors
  • LINAK memory function
  • Height, back and leg adjustment electric
  • Max. power consumption 90W


Available from € 2499,-

Call for more information +31(0)74- 376 6351